How Shipping Container Covers Help Increase Space

Shipping containers work as flexible and multipurpose options for storage. They can give you the freedom to add as much space as you need. Before hiring or purchasing a shipping container, it is essential to consider how you want to use it. Speak with a dealer about the goods you want store and the amount of control you need. Generally, containers come in 20 to 40 feet varieties to suit the needs of different users.

Special shipping container covers are available and they can help you create useful space between your shipping and inter modal containers. With these special covers, you can convert your current storage containers into usable storage or shelter space. These covers are easy to ship, assemble and mount. This means that you can easily increase space on your job site. The following are some of the shipping container covers you can use.

40’ W by 40’L cover

You can use the 40’ W by 40’L shipping container cover as a temporary fabrication shop when expanding your plant. This shipping container cover can serve the role of a long term or short term fabric shelter.

30W’ by 40’L cover

The 30W’ by 40’L shipping container cover is easy to erect and we can ship it to your job site in kit form. To mount this shipping container cover at your job site, you can seek the services of firms that provide turnkey installation services. You can also ask us to send a field supervisor to your job site in order to oversee the installation.

40’W by 80’L cover

The 40’W by 80’L shipping container cover offers 3200 square feet of space. You can use it for storage, welding shops, paint stalls and fabrication. To increase interior height, you can double stack shipping containers. In this way, you can achieve the right height needed to accommodate equipment and other things.

End Panels

You can use end panels that come with roll up fabric to close your shipping container cover completely.